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REC Caucasus has assessed 10 SMEs for Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production, developing options for saving resources, materials and money

December 25, 2014

UNIDO RECP Demonstration Programme implemented by REC Caucasus Armenia National Office is aimed to improve resource productivity and environmental performance of businesses in agro/food processing, chemicals and construction materials’ sectors. RECP demonstrations are conducted for SMEs targeting food and beverage, chemical, construction materials. Armenian businesses benefit from RECP implementation through cost savings on energy, materials, waste and effluent disposal, improved compliance, and innovative products and services generated by the group of UNIDO RECP national experts. Currently, 10 SMEs have undergone Resource efficiency and Cleaner Production Assessments based on RECP methodology: National experts have measured loss of resources within production cycles, suggested corrective measures for each of the industries/sectors namely, natural juice, egg, diary production, production of ceramic materials, outlining energy, waste, water treatment and secondary use, improved cost-effectiveness and regular saving of resources and investments by SMEs. For more information please visit, and RECP website with detailed materials on Resource efficiency and CP at

10 SMEs 01     10 SMEs 02     10 SMEs 03

10 SMEs 04     10 SMEs 05     10 SMEs 06

10 SMEs 07     10 SMEs 08     10 SMEs 09

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